Tap Into Mental Health aims to harness and build on themes and conversations coming out of the ABC’s much-anticipated TV series Wakefield, which airs in April 2021.

While the series itself was created as a piece of entertainment, the Tap Into Mental Health initiative aims to go an extra step. It aims to normalise conversations around mental health and reduce the shame and stigma around mental illness.

“Mental illness does not discriminate. We are all susceptible,” Kristen says. “But psychiatry has come a long way since One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Many people fully recover and many go on to live valuable lives while managing bouts of an ongoing condition”. “It’s really important to acknowledge that mental illness can be just as distressing and painful as physical illness,” Kristen adds. “In some ways it can be worse because no one can see it. And because of the associated stigma, we often don’t tell anyone it’s there.”

#TapIntoMentalHealth has been established as the place to coordinate this initiative.

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