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The creator of Wakefield, Kristen Dunphy, and other experts involved in creating the show
share some truths about who they are, how they feel and how they’ve dealt
with their own battles with mental health, from both sides of the fence.
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What inspires you?

Here’s a list that the Tap Into Mental Health team have put together.

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ABC Radio National Podcast / No Feeling is Final

Podcast: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

ABC Radio National: All in the Mind: Inside talking therapy

ABC Radio National: All in the Mind: Everyone is Watching

ABC Radio National: All in the Mind: The Post Natal Mind

ABC Radio National: Depression and Your Sense of Self

ABC Radio National: Trauma, Memory and Mental Health

ABC: You Can’t Ask That: Schizophrenia

ABC: You Can't Ask That: Suicide

ABC / Conversations with Richard Fidler - An Extreme Treatment for Depression

ABC / Earshot - Living with Bipolar

Beyond Blue / Not Alone Podcast 

ABC / Ladies, We Need To Talk - Anxious much? 

BBC / Mental Podcast - Anxiety & Depression - It feels like you’re always getting ready for surprise doom with Felicity Ward

NPR / Hidden Brain - The Empathy Gym

NPR / This American Life - Ten Sessions

On Being / The Soul in Depression

On Being / Navigating Loss without Closure


Screen and Documentary 

ABC / The Show Must Go On

ABC / Changing Minds Documentary 

ABC /  Man Up Documentary

SBS Insight: Mental Health at Work

SBS Insight: Beating Anxiety

SBS Insight: Hoarders

SBS Insight: ECT



The Walrus / OCD is not a joke! 

VICE / This Is What Developing Acute Schizophrenia Feels Like

ABC / Earworms: How we get them and how to shake them off

The Guardian / Broken Record Syndrome: My Life with Chronic Earworm

The Atlantic / Coming Out of Electroshock Therapy

The New Yorker / 17 Days on a Locked Ward

On Being / What do Do When Anxiety Overwhelms You

On Being / The Absurd Courage of Choosing to Live

Longreads / The Survivor's Edit: Memory, Truth and Living with Bipolar II

Longreads / We Need to Talk About Madness

The Cut / Do I Really Want to Hurt My Baby: Inside the Disturbing Thoughts that Haunt New Parents



Nat's What I Reckon / Is it Sh*t Ep 3 - Mental Health/Tool

Podcast: The Hilarious World of Depression

Felicity Ward / Melbourne International Comedy Show 2016

Ricky Gervais / Afterlife



Dr. Mark Cross / Anxiety - Expert Advice from a Neurotic Shrink Who's Lived with Anxiety All His Life

Sue Stuart-Smith / The Well Gardened Mind: Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World

Esme Weijun Wang / The Collected Schizophrenias

Nathan Filer / The Heartland